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Our Emergency Lighting Services

Reliable, Effective And Affordable Exit And Emergency Lighting Services In Melbourne

CableTech Electrics are your local Melbourne emergency lighting service. Our team of expert have over 25 years’ of experience and can be relied to assist with all installations, repairs, maintenance and inspections. We can attend to buildings of all sizes and ensure compliance with Australians Standards AS2293.1-2005.

We source cost-effective, reliable and high-quality exit and emergency lighting systems. You can rely on us for quality workmanship and effective service.

  • Supply Emergency Lighting Equipment
  • All Installations
  • Repairs & Maintenance Services
  • Inspections & Compliance Audits

6 monthly emergency lighting tests are a legal requirement as set out in the Australian Standards AS2293 Part 2 (1995). Beyond the legal requirements, testing of your emergency lighting system will ensure the safety of your staff, tenants and/or customers. In the vent of a power failure it’s incredibly important that people are able to find their way the exits in a safe manner.

You can rely on the CableTech Electrics team to attend to all of our 6 monthly emergency lighting tests. Our testing service includes:

  • Activating all emergency and exit lighting systems
  • Testing all central battery systems
  • Council certification
  • Replacement of any defective lamps or bulbs
  • Completion of the appropriate maintenance logs
  • Exit and emergency sign cleaning
  • All necessary repairs
  • Replacement of any defective or drained batteries

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